International Convergence of Accounting Practices: Choosing Between IAS and US GAAP

by: Ann Tarca


This study examines reporting practise of a sample of foreign listed and domestic-only listed companies from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Australia to determine the extent to which companies are voluntarily using “international” standards. Two types of use of non national standards in the accounts presented to the public are considered: adoption of “international” standards instead of national standards, and supplementary use where “international” standards are used in conjuction with national standards. “International” standards are defined as US GAAP or IAS. The study tests for a preference for either set of standards and considers the relationship of chioce of regime with firm attributes.

The result show significant voluntary use of “international” standards in all five countries and among foreign listed and domestic-only listed companies. Companies using “international” standards are likely to be larger, have more foreign revenue and to be listed on one or more foreign stock exchange. US GAAP is the predominant choice, but IAS are used by many firms in Germany and some in Japan. Firms listed in the United States’ regulated market (NYSE and NASDAQ) are more likely to choose US GAAP, but companies traded in the OTC market show considerable support for IAS.

The study demonstrate for managers and regulators that there is considerable support for “international” standards, and that choice of IAS or US GAAP relates to specific firm characteristic which differ according to a firm’s country of origin. Most use of “international” standards reflects individual countries’ institutional frameworks, confirming the key of national regulators and standards setters in assisting companies to achieve more comparable international reporting.

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Artikel ini membahas tentang bagaimana praktek penggunaan standar akuntansi internasional yaitu (IAS dan GAAP US) pada perusahaan-perusahaan yang listing di pasar modal asing dan domestik di lima negara yaitu Inggris, Perancis, Jerman, Jepang dan Australia. Ulasan lengkap dapat dilihat disini -> Ulasan Artikel

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2 Responses to International Convergence of Accounting Practices: Choosing Between IAS and US GAAP

  1. Sebenarnya berapa banyak sih bu perusahaan di Indonesia yang bisa bersaing secara internasional? Kayaknya wong dalam negri aja kalah sama yang dari luar 🙂

  2. Tulisan anda sangat luar biasa., saya juga seorang sering menulis karena Hobby, selain sebagai mahasiswa PPAk Unand, boleh qt saling sharing hp saya 081535452010

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