An Investigation of the Relationship Between Use of International Accounting Standards and Source of Company Finance in Germany

By: Ann Tarca, Melissa Moy and Richard D. Morris

This study examines the relationship between use of international accounting standards and companies’ source of finance. We Investigate the proposition contained in Nobes’ (1998) model which postulates ousider companies (those with a higher level of public finance) in weak equity-outsider markets (capital markets where public equity finance is not dominant source of finance) are more likely to change their type of accounting system from one focused on information for creditors and tax authorities to one that meets the needs of external financiers. We considered 176 German listed companies during the financial year 1999. Our result support Nobes’ (1998) model as we found companies with more ousider finance (represented by the proportion of shares held by outsiders and the amount of public debt) were more likely to use international standards (US GAAP or IAS). Considering companies’ choice of US GAAP or IAS, we found companies selecting US GAAP rather than IAS were more likely to have a higher level of outsider finance.

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5 Responses to An Investigation of the Relationship Between Use of International Accounting Standards and Source of Company Finance in Germany

  1. Gaguk Apriyanto says:

    Mohon dikirim artikiel mata kuliah akuntansi Internasional

  2. maryono says:

    as e lectur a glad get sources for improve my competence to teach my student

  3. sari says:

    bu, saya sari mahasiswa unas. saya mao nanya kalo lagi skprpsi yang judulnya laporan arus kas, pi pt tersebut bermasalah gmana caranya ya bu???
    makaseh bu…..

  4. sarah says:

    thanks for your article…..berguna buat tugas aku…….sukses yaaaah

  5. onie says:

    mo ty bu…??
    perus indonesia py anak perus di LN(Arab).imgin perluas mdl dg mjl saham di LSE.
    1. pembuatan lap keu tahunan anak perus memakai standart inggris,arab, atau indo??
    2. boleh ga, anak perus mjl di LSE demi menghindari birokrasi di arab?
    3. apa perus tdk rugi dg penj saham anak perus di LSE?
    thanx b4

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